The Official Tipping Guide To Las Vegas

Tipping Guide: Know how much to tip before you arrive.

First things first…

  • It is common for international visitors to mistakenly not tip anyone as gratuities are automatically included in many countries.
  • If you have a specific question regarding tipping nightclub doormen, please post it to our community discussion boards for a fast response by readers. We are legally not allowed to discuss doorman tips per our nightlife advertisers in this tipping guide.
  • You should ALWAYS keep cash on you to take care of your waitresses, bussers, bartenders, and other service staff.
  • If you see friends not tipping, beat some sense into them.
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  • Your Valet Attendant – Valet Parking is a free service offered pretty much everywhere in Las Vegas. And a very convenient one at that. Don’t even think about handing your valet attendant anything less than $3 to $5. If you are feeling generous; tip the guy who takes your car at first $20. They will mark “VIP” on your ticket, and you will get your car A LOT faster on the way out.
  • Your Waiter/Waitress – If the service is decent, I usually take the listed tax total (7.5% of the bill), double it, and then add a little more to it. If you are a part of a large group, your gratuity might already be included (sometimes 18% of your bill is automatically added. This is called “Auto-Grat” in the industry).
  • Your VIP Host – There are many different types of “VIP Hosts” at Las Vegas nightclubs. Some get you limousines and hard-to-get tickets at no charge, some will walk get you into a nightclub, and some will simply sit you down at your booth and introduce you to your cocktail waitress. How much you tip your VIP Host depends entirely on the type of host and how much service they have given you, but you should plan for $75 on the low end and a $1,000 or more on the high end. For nightclub hosts who have assisted in your reservation, you should hand them their tip immediately after they introduce you to your cocktail waitress after you’ve been sat.
  • Your Bartender – Drinks aren’t usually cheap, and either are you. Plan on tipping your bartender at least $2 per drink, or between 15% and 20% of your total end-of-the-night tab. In the end, you might be saving money, as bartenders will often take care of good tippers with the occasional free shot or drink. If nothing else…they will probably serve you a lot faster the next time around!
  • Your Casino Cocktail Waitress – Getting a free cocktail in a casino? Give $1 to $5 to your waitress (more if you are winning). The more you give her – the more she’ll come by with refills. Paying for your drinks? Give $1 to 3 per drink.
  • Your Limousine Driver – The general rule in tipping your limousine driver is to give 20% of your total ride cost. If it is just a short ride, $40 is more than fair. If they are taking care of you for the night, start at $80 and work your way up.
  • Your Skydive Instructor – If you have the chance to make it out to Boulder City, and aren’t afraid of potential death, you should definitely pay the $160 dollars for the thrill of a lifetime. If you are skydiving for the first time, you will more than likely be going “tandem” (attached to your instructor). It is customary to tip your Sky Dive instructor about 20% of your total body weight since they actually have to work harder the heavier you are.
  • Your Maid – Most people forget to tip the cleaning lady. After all…you never actually see her right? If you are feeling generous, leave your maid some cash on the dresser when you are ready to checkout. Usually $5 per night that you had the room is fair. If you partied like a rockstar, threw chairs, left used condoms in the bed, and puked all of the room; you might go ahead and be “just a bit” more generous.
  • Your Masseuse/Hair Stylist – We have a lot of pampering available in Las Vegas, and you would be a FOOL not to take advantage of some of the most relaxing services in the world while you are on vacation. Regardless of whether you are getting a massage, a pedicure, your make up done, or your hair styled; throw your caretaker a solid 20% when they are finished making you feel like $1,000,000.

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