The Most Expensive Nightclubs In Las Vegas

Las Vegas can bring out any number of emotions and feelings in those who visit, but one of the most prevalent of these is indulgence. When you book a trip to Sin City, you know you want to spend, play, enjoy, and leave no stone unturned. You’ve probably worked and saved up all year, maybe even longer, and now it’s time to reap the benefits in the world’s most opulent and decadent destinations. When it comes to splashing your cash, deciding on the best clubs to do it at should be a no-brainer. While every venue offers an alluring ambiance and impressive DJs, decor, and design, a few of the nightclubs soar above the rest. The most expensive nightclubs in Las Vegas pride themselves on giving guests an experience unlike any they’ve had before, and you can bank on having one of the most exquisite times of your life. When you’re ready to treat yourself, look no further than these spots.


XS Nightclub

Most expensive nightclub in vegas xsXS Nightclub ranks as one of the best, and most expensive, nightclubs in Las Vegas, and for good reason. The venue has a constant rollout of world-renowned DJs, as well as a layout that rivals all the other clubs. XS was built with passion, seduction, and sensuality in mind, meant to give visitors a subtle and unexplainable urge to fulfill their every desire while wandering the space. The indoor sections are filled with elegant tables and spacious booths, as well as a dance floor and lighting that makes the entire area look like it’s been dipped in gold. Ticket prices range depending on the artist, but admission usually runs between $30 to $85, the higher-end tickets offering expedited entry too. Big acts like The Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Marshmello draw in big crowds, and purchasing a ticket is the best ways to ensure you get inside. If you’re looking to really go big, bottle and table service is the way to do it. The least expensive tables start at $1500 and vary in location. Some are inside, while others are out on the pool deck. The prices steadily go up from there, with cabanas and poolside options coming in at $2000 to $3500. Tiered sections, dance floor spots, and small stage areas cost between $6000 and $10,000, with the Owner’s Table coming in at a whopping $12,000. If you’ve got the bucks, the experience is one for the books and ensures you’ll be up close and personal with the infamous names while it feels like they serenade you (and your group) personally. Standard drinks prices start at $10 and go up to $20 for premium liquor and cocktails.


Hakkasan Las Vegas

Most expensive nightclub in vegas hakkasanHakkasan Nightclub is another top-tier club where people can go to spend their money in abundance, and this spot knows how to impress. Just like XS, Hakkasan houses some of the best DJs on the scene, and constantly adds upcoming artists to its residency list. The five-level layout is meant to engage and excite, giving patrons a sprawling labyrinth to traverse while they sip their drinks and listen to the amazing beats blasting through the sound system. If you’re looking to grab drinks from the bar, plan on spending between $10 and $20, although the lower end is likely just for a water bottle. Tickets to get in vary depending on the performer, but most nights’ cover starts at $20 to $30. The real fun comes with opting for bottle service. Standard packages are $800 minimum, which also comes with a dinner menu that has been preselected and one bottle of booze. Other table packages go up in price from there, with Bachelorette Silver and Gold costing $1000 – $1500 and Pavilion locations sitting in the same spectrum. If you want front-row views of the DJ booth and the stage, the Main Room options begin at $3500, but the Owner’s Table costs $6000 and is the best seat in the house.


Omnia Nightclub

Most expensive nightclub in vegas omniaOmnia Nightclub is a familiar name on the club scene and most partygoers who visit beeline it to this exquisite specimen. Not only is the layout immersive and opulent, but the artist lineup is second to none. Omnia has hosted everyone from Steve Aoki to Martin Garrix and continues to add to its impressive list. The state-of-the-art LED disco ball transforms the interior into a wonderland of color, and the upstairs rooftop terrace is the pinnacle of class. To get in, you’ll want to purchase a ticket or table, otherwise, you are at the whim of general admission prices which can go up on the door. Tickets start at $20 for women, and $40 for men (most nights and depending on who is on stage that evening). There is no guest list, so pre-booking is the way to go with Omnia. Bigger acts can see prices go up to $50 and $75 or more, and bottle service is subject to change between DJs. Once inside, your drinks will be between $12 to $20 for most beverages. This venue is definitely worth considering a table for, especially if you want a front-row view of the amazing headliners. Entry-level bottle service begins at $1000 and can get you a seat up on the terrace. The table gives you a view of the glittering Strip below and is a great way to spend an evening. If you prefer to be inside, the Heart of Omnia offers tables that range between $1500 and $2000. Mid-level pricing gets you into the main room and starts at $4000. The baller section is right on the main room dance floor, and your bill will be a $10,000 minimum. If you’ve got it, why not go big?


Zouk Las Vegas

Most expensive nightclub in vegas zoukZouk Nightclub is known for being a lavish, coveted club, despite being a newer addition to the roster. The management immediately started signing huge DJs and performers to pack out their lineups, ensuring people would flock to their venue and solidifying their spot on the most expensive nightclubs in Las Vegas list. Because they offer such huge headliners, patrons won’t hesitate to throw down to get inside and assure their place among the rich, famous, and… well, everyone else. And speaking of the rich, Zouk doesn’t mess around when it comes to their ticket pricing, which can vary by night but still allows people to indulge if they want to. With acts ranging from Duke Dumont to Tiesto taking the stage, expect to pay between $20 – $30 (females/males) on the low end and upwards of $50 to $75 for bigger names. Beers start at $14 and craft drinks or premium liquors go up to $20 (or more depending on the order). Entry-level tables at Zouk will require a $2000 – $3000 minimum spend, and usually include tables along the back wall or fourth tier. Anything on or by the dance floor jumps up to $5000/$6000, but if you’re really in the mood to spend, why not purchase a stage table? $15000 will get you up against the action, and if you angle your phone cameras right, it might even look like Tiesto is giving you your own personal concert!

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