The Best Latin Clubs In Las Vegas (2022)

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1. Embassy Nightclub

As arguably the number 1 Latin nightlife destination in the entire city, Embassy Nightclub is where to go if you want to enjoy amazing Latin, reggaeton, hip-hop, and world music, plus a large dance floor.

Hours At Embassy Nightclub

The venue is open Friday and Saturday from 11 pm to 5 am.

The Best Thing About Embassy Nightclub

In our opinion, Embassy Nightclub’s best feature is the layout.

First, this multi-level venue has a huge dance floor, making it the perfect place to let loose and enjoy your Friday or Saturday night, with plenty of room for you and your friends.

Second, the venue’s surrounding balcony offers adequate space to relax and socialize, which is pretty sweet.

Music At Embassy Nightclub

As already mentioned, music at this venue is Latin, reggaeton, hip-hop, and world, so we’ll just add that the sound system is so good it’s likely to make your spine tingle.

Once the music gets going, it’s certainly the main focus, whether you’re near the dance floor’s elevated stage or the surrounding balcony that overlooks the main area. 

Getting To Embassy Nightclub

For those who are visiting The Strip and don’t want to travel far, you’ll be happy to know that Embassy Nightclub is only two to three miles away in nearby Paradise, Nevada.

The club is located in a big, white, somewhat Greek-styled building with plenty of parking off of Procyon Street, which is also called S. Procyon Avenue.

Once you’re at the intersection between W Desert Inn Road and S Procyon Avenue, you can’t miss the venue.

The venue’s address is 3355 Procyon St, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

Please keep in mind that Procyon Street also runs to the north side of W Desert Inn Road, although the venue is located to the south.

2.  Deseo Latin Sundays at OMNIA Nightclub

Deseo Latin Sundays are special since they are dedicated fully to the Latin nightlife experience at one of Vegas’ most prominent nightclubs.

Hours At Deseo Latin Sundays

Doors open around 10 pm on Sundays and close around 2 am.

The Best Thing About Deseo Latin Sundays

We love Latin clubs, which is why we adore the Latin themes OMNIA has put together for Deseo Latin Sundays, which influence everything from the color of the LED lights to the Latin-inspired bottle service presentations.

You can really tell that OMNIA Nightclub has gone above and beyond to create a genuine Latin experience for everyone who loves the Latin vibe in Las Vegas.

Music At Deseo Latin Sundays

The music at this event is Latin R&B, hip-hop, and open format.

Getting to Deseo Latin Sundays At OMNIA

Getting to Deseo Latin Sundays is fairly easy.

You’ll first need to go to Caesars Palace at 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, which is very easy to find. Caesars Palace and OMNIA Nightclub are located near the Las Vegas Freeway and border E Flamingo Road.

For parking, there are:

(1) Caesars Self-Parking and (2) Colosseum Valet, both of which are located northwest of Caesars Palace.

(3) There is also Ceasar’s Palace VIP Valet (yes, it’s spelled that way), which is located south of Caesars Palace.

Lastly, there is (4) a parking lot located east of Caesars Palace.

Once you arrive at Caesars Palace, you’ll need to locate OMNIA Nightclub, which is located directly north of the hotel’s main entrance.

If it helps put things into perspective, OMNIA Nightclub is located southeast of The Colosseum performing arts theater.

Navigating Inside OMNIA Nightclub

Upon reaching OMNIA Nightclub, your next step will be to make your way to Heart of Omnia, the highly popular lounge within the nightclub.

The Heart of Omnia is located behind the Main Bar in the Main Room and can be reached through an access point near the Main Bar or through a series of elevators and stairways if you’re coming from a different part of the club.

The best thing you can do to orient yourself once you’re inside the club is to speak to the venue staff, and they’ll be able to direct you to the Heart of Omnia.

3. La Jolla Nightclub

La Jolla Nightclub is an upbeat Latin-style venue with wonderful live music, excellent drinks, and an absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

Hours At La Jolla Nightclub

Hours at La Jolla Nightclub are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10 pm to 5 am, although on the weekends, the club stays open until 6 am.

The Best Thing About La Jolla Nightclub

The best part of La Jolla Nightclub is the music.

A lot of venues have great music selections and talented performers, but La Jolla Nightclub’s wide musical variety and live DJ and salsa band performances are something special.

This club has an amazing energy that keeps you going from its 10 pm opening time until close at 5 am.

Music At La Jolla Nightclub

The club plays many different types of Latin music, including cumbia, merengue, sals, bachata, cubaton, reggaeton, banda, Mexican music, Rock En Español, and more.

Getting To La Jolla Nightclub

Getting to La Jolla Nightclub is easy, as it is located three miles east of The Strip at 2245 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

The venue is located directly off E Flamingo Road, so you can’t miss it.

The venue has its own parking, although spaces are limited. If you are concerned about finding parking at La Jolla Nightclub, call us, and we’ll help you find a great spot and also give you pointers on where you can park for future reference.

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