BrewDog Vegas Crafting Something Special

In 2007, BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie revolutionized the UK beer scene. Fast forward through a decade of groundbreaking brews and relentless growth. BrewDog has become a global powerhouse, excelling in Online Beer Sales, Hotels, and Bars.

Online Beer Sales:

BrewDog’s online beer sales have redefined accessibility for craft beer enthusiasts worldwide. BrewDog’s online platform offers a vast catalog, delivering their craft essence, from classics like Punk IPA to experimental brews, globally. This transcends physical bar and hotel boundaries. Beer lovers can explore limited-edition releases, curated packs, and merchandise, creating a BrewDog experience at the click of a button. Whether you’re in the heart of Vegas or across the globe, BrewDog’s online presence brings the best of craft brewing to your doorstep.


BrewDog Hotel

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The BrewDog hotel experience, epitomized by The DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio, transcends the conventional definition of accommodations. This craft beer haven is more than just a place to lay your head. It is an immersive journey into the world of BrewDog. With in-room beer taps, brewery tours, and a beer-centric aesthetic, staying at a BrewDog hotel is a celebration of the craft beer culture. BrewDog’s unique hospitality guarantees comfortable lodgings. Guests become part of the BrewDog story, ensuring unforgettable stays beyond traditional hotel offerings.

Bars & Breweries:

BrewDog bars are more than mere watering holes; they are vibrant hubs of craft beer camaraderie. From the Best View on the Strip at the Vegas rooftop bar to the original BrewDog bar in Aberdeen, each establishment is a testament to BrewDog’s commitment to providing a unique social experience. These bars showcase BrewDog’s diverse beer lineup, offering everything from the hop-forward Punk IPA to exclusive, limited-edition brews. BrewDog bars, with their curated atmosphere and top-notch craft beer, attract beer enthusiasts—locals or tourists exploring new beer scenes. They stand as the go-to destinations owing to innovative design and a commitment to quality service.

Las Vegas Locals Club:

BrewDog Vegas

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BrewDog Las Vegas introduces the coveted Local’s Membership, transforming the craft beer experience for Nevada residents. This exclusive offer is unmatched like never before. This exclusive card is your key to a host of tempting perks, making each visit to BrewDog an even more rewarding experience.

25% Off Daily:

Flash your Nevada driver’s license and proudly display your Local’s Membership card to unveil a delightful 25% discount on all food and beverages every day. The substantial savings enhance your dining and drinking experience. It ensures that enjoying BrewDog Las Vegas becomes a regular local pleasure.

Cheers to a $1 Beer:

As a token of appreciation for joining the BrewDog local community, upon signing up for your Local’s Membership, you get to snag a refreshing beer for just $1 when you collect your personalized card. It’s a warm welcome into the world of BrewDog, offering a taste of their exceptional brews at an unbeatable price.

$15 Parking Discount:

Parking made easy and affordable – another advantage of being a BrewDog Las Vegas local. With your Local’s Membership, enjoy a generous $15 discount on parking at BrewDog Las Vegas. This thoughtful bonus not only adds convenience to your visit but also underscores BrewDog’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for their local patrons.

Embrace the local flavor, embrace the savings, and make every visit to BrewDog Las Vegas a celebration of being a part of the Nevada community. The Local’s Membership isn’t just a card; it’s an invitation to savor the best in craft beer, all while enjoying exclusive perks that elevate your BrewDog experience to new heights. So, flash that Nevada driver’s license, sign up, and let the good times flow – because at BrewDog Las Vegas, being a local has never been more rewarding!

BrewDog Las Vegas Highlights:

  • Best View on the Strip: Rooftop vistas that redefine the Vegas experience, day or night.
  • Ultimate Sports Bar: Catch live sports, from football to hockey, in an unrivaled setting.
  • Kid-Friendly: A family-friendly atmosphere with activities for kids and a dedicated menu.
  • Bar Gaming Zone: Unwind with massive shuffleboards and foosball tables for entertainment.

Culinary Delights:

BrewDog Food

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  • Epic Food: From towering Black Angus burgers to fresh seafood, BrewDog Las Vegas promises a gastronomic adventure.
  • Awesome Drinks: With 30 taps of craft beer, an extensive cocktail menu, and a rooftop bar, the beverage selection is unparalleled.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local in Vegas or just passing through. BrewDog invites you to dive into the world of craft beer culture. Whether indulging in the convenience of online beer sales, immersing yourself in the unique hospitality of BrewDog hotels, or savoring the vibrant atmosphere of their bars, it ensures that the love for craft beer is not just a beverage choice but a lifestyle embraced by beer lovers globally. In Vegas, exclusive discounts for locals sweeten the deal, enticing everyone to be a part of the thriving BrewDog community.

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