2022 Halloween Dress Code

🚨 Halloween Dress Code Rules! 🚨

Are you ready to party with all the monsters and menaces this Halloween in Las Vegas? So are we! Sin city is the best place to let out your inner demons on this festive holiday, however Las Vegas does have some rules regarding those epic costumes you are planning on wearing, so be sure to read up on 2022 Halloween Dress Code rules! 



If the bouncer can’t see your face, you’re not going to get in. Full-face Halloween masks are strictly prohibited. Masquerade-style masks are acceptable, but they will ask you to take them off when they check your ID. Safety is the #1 priority on this chaotic holiday!



Halloween dress code rules for face paint

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Small amounts of face paint are acceptable, like some sexy vampire makeup. As long as you are recognizable to the bouncers, a small amount will be okay. We know you can slay when it comes to applying makeup, but you’ll have to keep it subtle if you want to get into a club. If your face is obscured by the amount of paint and/or prosthetics they will not let you in. Security has to be able to match your face to the picture on your ID.



Halloween dress code rules for wigs

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Wigs are one of the best accessories to a costume, and they’re allowed!! But be prepared to take it off upon entry if needed, as security may ask to see you without it when they check your ID. So don’t pin it on too intricately, this is a night for a quick pin job so you can take it on and off easily!


CLOTHING (is not optional)

clothing required for Halloween

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We all know a sexy costume is so much fun! It is the one night of the year you can be whoever you want to be. However, Vegas has drawn a line in the sand: clothing is never optional under the Halloween Dress Code rules! The phrase “No shirt, no shoes: no service” definitely still applies at any venue in Las Vegas!

Nightclubs are subject to health codes, guests may not show up in an outfit that is simply body paint or without shoes. Save the pasties for EDC, because no guest may be topless. At a bare minimum, ladies must-have on a crop top. Fellas, this applies to you too: no pasties or body paint in lieu of a shirt. However, this is the one time of year when clubs are lenient with their footwear and clothing restrictions. Men are allowed to wear shorts, baseball caps, sneakers, or sandals if it is a necessary part of their costume. After all, if you’re dressing up Clark Griswold, it wouldn’t be complete without your dad shoes! If you need any sexy appropriate costume ideas look no further!




Props for Halloween

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Bad news if you were thinking about going as Steve from Stranger Things, you have to leave the bat at home. Toy weapons (or real weapons for that matter) are prohibited. Also, bad news for Gandalf fans, because staffs also count as “toy weapons” and are not allowed in the club. Basically, anything that could be used to poke or prod people is banned. Obviously, all toy guns, knives, swords, ninja weapons, and any other fake weapon are strictly prohibited. There won’t be an armory check at the door so leave those props at home. Clubs also prohibit any fake drugs or fake drug paraphernalia, even if it goes with your costume, (I am looking at you, Harold and Kumar!) 




We want you to have a killer Las Vegas Halloween! It’s not fun to have rules and restrictions on this costumed holiday, but there’s plenty of opportunities to do it all here. You can enter a costume contest as the best Captain Jack Sparrow ever, then hit the club and don a sexy Captain America number. If you are looking for fun ideas you can head over to LA Epic Club Crawls to check out their many Halloween events! Hopefully, our guide helps you come up with an amazing costume that you can wear into any venue. We want to set you up for success in Sin City this Hallows Eve, have fun boys and ghouls!


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