What is a Las Vegas Private Crawl?

Are you looking for a special experience to experience the vibrant Las Vegas nightlife? Look no further than a Las Vegas Private Crawl! Las Vegas is famously known as the “city that never sleeps,” and is known for its glitzy shows and the famous strip of nightclubs and bars. The sheer number of possibilities makes choosing the ideal night out difficult. That’s where LA Epic comes into play! To develop a package that meets your goals and your budget, our experienced private party planners will work closely with you. Let us make your dream of a night out in Vegas a reality!

What is a Private Crawl?

 It’s an exclusive party experience created especially for the desires of your group. Rather than joining a group of random people on a typical club crawl, take advantage of the freedom to plan your itinerary and spend the evening with only your closest friends. Our private crawl specialists will work with you to create a special experience that suits your group’s preferences and budget. We can help you find anything from Las Vegas bottle service to nightclubs, bars, pools, strip clubs, dinner reservations, and more!


What’s Included?

Starting with an excellent base package, our private packages are fully customizable. The base package comes with a party bus pick-up from your hotel, three outstanding venues of your choice (subject to restrictions), and a VIP party host who ensures free express entry to all the venues you’ve chosen. We provide a variety of add-ons catered to your interests to make your night even more memorable, like drink packages, trips to see the famous Las Vegas sign, experiences at strip clubs, show tickets, and more!

LA Epic Club Crawls’ Private Crawl packages include a variety of perks to make your night unforgettable. 

Each package includes

  • A dedicated party planner
  • A private VIP party host
  • Free express entry
  • Drink specials at select venues
  • Transportation on a Vegas party bus (or limo)


How Much Is It?

For a party of 10, our base package costs roughly $1100. It does change based on the number of people, any extras, the date, and the amount of time we have to arrange your event! When you chat with your party planner, they will provide you with tailored packages and an estimate to help you determine what suits you and your spending plan the best! 


What To Expect On Your Las Vegas Private Crawl

When you choose LA Epic Club Crawls, every package includes a dedicated party planner who will assist you throughout the entire process and guarantee that you are treated like a VIP. After you fill out our private crawl form, a private event specialist will contact you to arrange a call so they can learn more about your needs. They will then create customized prices and packages and email them to you. We provide easy payment options after you select a package, and we take care of everything else! Just arrive to say hello to your VIP host and get ready to have an amazing time!

Why Private Crawls Are Useful/Necessary

Private crawls are not only beneficial but also essential for special occasions. A private crawl enables you to celebrate in style and make priceless memories with your closest friends, whether you’re organizing a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday celebration, or even a divorce party in Las Vegas. In addition, it is less expensive than arranging separate hotel rooms, bottle service, and other extras.

Group on Las Vegas Private Crawl

What is the difference between a Las Vegas Private Crawl and a Las Vegas Club Crawl?

The level of customization is what separates a Las Vegas Private Crawl from a standard Las Vegas Club Crawl. A private crawl offers more customization and flexibility than a conventional crawl because it doesn’t follow a fixed schedule with a predetermined list of places. You are in complete control of the route, start time, and length of your crawl, ensuring that you have a memorable experience visiting the places that most appeal to you. You’ll have the best experience without having to think about other guests when you have a private VIP host assigned only to your party.

Staff Photo from LA Epic Club Crawls

Why Choose LA Epic Club Crawls for Your Las Vegas Party Packages?

Pick LA Epic Club Crawls for your Las Vegas party packages,  and experience the difference. Since 2013, we have been successfully hosting events for over 10,000 visitors annually across three cities, with a variety of private crawl packages created to match any group’s demands and budget! As shown by our excellent Google reviews, we place a high priority on customer experience. Count on our knowledgeable staff to assist you in planning the party of a lifetime!

Are you ready to reserve your private crawl in Las Vegas with LA Epic Club Crawls? Don’t wait! Contact a professional party planner right away by filling out our private crawl form. Let’s make your trip to Las Vegas one you’ll never forget!


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