What Are The Biggest Nightclubs In Vegas?

Las Vegas is filled with sprawling properties that seem to extend on and on forever. The sheer expanse of each hotel can be mind blowing, and many of the clubs follow suit with their layouts. While some spots are more intimate, many are huge, with multiple rooms, terraces, alcoves, and hidden rooms that will have you wandering in wonder for hours. If you’re looking for some of the biggest clubs in Vegas, you’ll want to visit XS, Marquee, Omnia or Hakkasan. Each one boasts over 40,000 square feet of space, and offers a multitude of areas to drink, dance, and discover. Continue reading to learn why these four Vegas clubs made this list.


XS Las Vegas

Biggest nightclub in Vegas XSXS holds a truly notable lineup, and has since they first appeared on the scene in 2008. It has managed to stay on a pedestal for locals and visitors alike, in large part due to their resident DJs. David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Marshmello and Diplo are only a few of the name drops XS can boast, but the brand continues to sign the best of the best within the EDM and House genre. The architects wanted the layout to resemble the sexual elements of the female form, and the club is set up to exude sensuality and opulence. Depending on the time of year, partygoers can hang out inside the luxurious venue, or wander around the sprawling outdoor areas. With 40,000 sq ft of desirable curves and dreamy decor, it’s no wonder why top-tier artists love to perform there, and why so many Vegas visitors want to be on the list or will drop the big bucks on a table to get in.


Marquee Las Vegas

Biggest nightclub in Vegas MarqueeMarquee Nightclub offers guests three different rooms throughout their 60,000 sq ft space, which also includes the outdoor area and pool. Their Library room is a fun experience that lets you sit on leather furniture and sip craft cocktails, feeling like a distinguished guest at an opulent mansion. On Wednesdays it transforms into an Ibiza-style hangout, with Deep House beats pouring out of the speakers, creating an atmosphere unlike anything else on the strip. The rest of the club plays everything from Hip Hop to EDM, giving everyone something they like, and in the summer (or during busy times) the venue even opens up the doors leading out to the pool deck where clubbers can pour out under the stars to drink and dance the night away. The space inside almost feels like a living, breathing sound system, with LED lights and screens at every turn. Marquee is credited with introducing the “dance music” vibe to the Strip, and as one of the biggest clubs in Las Vegas, it holds up to its reputation.


Omnia Nightclub

Biggest nightclub in Vegas OmniaOmnia is 75,000 sq ft of opulent bliss, with a giant LED disco ball that shines down to the party below. Resident DJs like Martin Garrix and Alesso have all graced the stage, and continue to entertain EDM fans from all over. The genres Omnia caters to are predominately Electronic and Top 40, but music lovers will hear remixes featuring favored artists while there. Three rooms offer guests the chance to explore and mingle, with a terrace that overlooks the strip below and could easily serve as its own entity thanks to the decadent decor. Vines and twinkling lights make it feel like a midsummer nights dream, and house beats gently pound from speakers placed all around the terrace. An ideal place to dance or chat, the outdoor area provides patrons with a place to breathe in the fresh air before slipping back inside to the carnival that awaits. A massive LED disco ball hangs over the main floor, turning it into a kaleidoscope of color and lasers. The Heart of Omnia offers a more seductive escape, with a separate DJ and sound system from the rest of the club. Here, you can sink into a more intimate setting and surround yourself with the glitz and glam of the industry crew. No matter where you choose to spend the evening, Omnia is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Hakkasan Nightclub

Biggest nightclub in Vegas HakkasanHakkasan sprawls over 80,000 sq ft, giving people the most space available within a club on the Strip, and living up to its name as the biggest nightclub in Vegas. With five levels, there is no end to the fun you can have inside, and you’ll want to take the time to explore them all. Elevators connect each floor, and your first stop will likely be the Main Nightclub which sits on level 4. Here you will find massive VIP tables, the dance floor, and the ideal location to await  confetti canons that pop off during the headliner’s show.  The Level 3 Lounge can be found on level three (of course) and offers patrons open format music performances and an intimate, VIP style layout. Unlike the room above which houses the crazy and wild festivities, this lounge was built with the intention that people can chat, dance, drink, and immerse in the vibes without feeling too overwhelmed. The Mezzanine takes up residence on the fifth floor and allows you to view the big names as they make their way on stage. The likes of Lil Jon and Steve Aoki will be blowing people’s minds right below you, while you observe with a bird’s eye view. The Pavilion is hidden away on the forth floor, and might catch you by surprise if you didn’t know it was there. The interior boasts wooden lattice designs and a more soothing vibe than the main club, with a DJ booth and Oriental Garden that soothes and engages visitors. Hakkasan is easily one of the biggest clubs in Las Vegas, and creates a playground for clubbers who love to have a little extra space and places to traverse rather than just remaining in one area all night.

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