No Pool Parties? No Problem – The Best Winter Dayclubs In Las Vegas

You’ve booked a trip to Las Vegas in the winter, and while your nights might be packed full of events, you aren’t sure how to fill your days. Gambling, shopping, and exploring the amazing restaurants are definitely one way to wile away the hours, this isn’t your ordinary town. Sin City doesn’t close down when the pools do, and the daytimes are just as festive from October until March as they are in the summer. Sure, you might have to wear more layers (at least until you get to your destination), but there is nothing tame about this “slow season.” Check out this list of the best winter dayclubs in Las Vegas:


Encore Beach Club


las vegas winter dayclub encore beach clubFinding out Encore Beach Club doesn’t bolt their doors once pool season ends is surprising, especially considering their big draw is, well, the pool. However, this popular spot has figured out a way to please the masses without risking hypothermia. From November to January, the venue pops its weather-proof dome over the outdoor area, creating a cozy respite from the brisk winter air. A custom platform is placed over the pool where tables for bottle service are set up, creating a truly unique layout that still lets people enjoy the oasis-style decor without worrying about donning a swimsuit. Located inside the Encore Resort, this pool party has become one of the biggest draws on the Strip, so it’s no wonder the company wanted to open it up to the public in the off-season, too. The venue offers 55,000 sq ft of space for guests to wander around, with 28 cabanas and eight bungalows available for booking. There are three events left between December and January, with Dillon Francis and RL Grime headlining. Opening hours are from noon until around 6pm, and men and women can sign up for the guest list where they will both receive free entry and complimentary drink tickets, which is always a bonus when you’re looking for a spot in one of three clubs open on that day. Table service ranges between $1000 to $6000, but is worth the splurge if it’s in the budget.


Lavo Party Brunch


las vegas winter dayclubs Lavo party brunchWhen it comes to making a game plan for your Saturday in Vegas, you have two options. The first is Lavo Party Brunch, which has become a staple of the city’s winter. Some people even prefer to visit during the chilly months, because this brunch is anything but chill. Imagine the wildest, sexiest, most festive party you can think of, then double it. Located inside The Palazzo, this decadent venue defines itself as a hedonistic celebration for those who love to eat, drink, and dance their afternoon away. Open every Saturday starting in October, LAVO runs through March, from 12 pm until 6 pm. Coveted DJs play Top 40, EDM, and Hip Hop while brunchers can dine on a top-tier menu. Drink specials can be found throughout the day, with a sponsored bar on the terrace and an open bar for women from 1 pm to 2 pm. Over 20,000 sq ft awaits, with servers who dress up in lobster costumes and dance on the tables. The indoor/outdoor venue gets packed, and you’d almost forget the low temps outside because the energy is electric on the inside. Ladies can gain free admission with a hour of a open champagne bar, while while men will be able to enter at a reduced cover charge if they are signed up on our guest list. Standard bottle service starts at $500 and goes up to $6,000 depending on the location, with the most expensive being at the center of it all. Why not indulge and be the beating heart of this hedonistic extravaganza?


Stadium Swim


stadium swim winter dayclub las vegasThe pool parties might shut down over winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access any pool. In fact, one of the best places to go if you’re in town during the colder season is Stadium Swim at Circa Las Vegas. Open 365 days a year, this is one of the only spots you can swim rain, shine, snow, or in the mild Vegas winter weather. If you can handle the lower temps, you can enjoy Stadium Swim’s epic six-pool setup, which is encompassed by numerous daybeds, cabanas, lilypads, and lounge chairs. The draw might be the pools, but it’s the 40-foot high-definition TV screen that will keep you captivated- airing your favorite sports from 9 am until 9 pm. The swim-up bars are a definite bonus, as are the walls made especially for selfie-mode pics. General admission costs around $15 for men if you buy online, while women can receive complimentary entry on our guest list, whereas the cabanas cost between $200 and $900 depending on the location. The whole venue is one big swim-inspired playground, and the ideal spot to spend the day drinking, socializing, and soaking up the Vegas sunshine. Don’t leave the city without visiting Stadium Swim- it is a must on the party docket and worth every cent.

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