Las Vegas Nightclub Rules to Live by for Tourists

Las Vegas Nightclub Rules to Live by for Tourists

You’re about to go to enjoy the Las Vegas night life for the first time. You’ve heard all the stories and seen all the hype, and now you’re ready to make your own experiences first hand. There’s so much to be said about a city that’s home to some of the top highest grossing clubs. Especially when the parties seem to never end. Well, welcome to Las Vegas, a city built on late nights, adult freedom, and unforgettable experiences.
But what if you never experienced a Las Vegas night club and you’re doing a little research before you make your way to the big city? Smart move. Trying to figure out where to go and what to expect can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’re here to help with our years of nightclub knowledge.
Tip #1: Get A Host. Every nightclub is different. They all have their own vibe, music, and theme. Some are small and some are pretty large. This is why getting a host for a top club is important. Getting a host means, of course, getting the first-hand VIP experience. This means buying a table at a high-end nightclub venue. A VIP table will resonate with you a lot longer than buying shots at a bar. Besides, there are so many more benefits to having a table. Now relax. It’s not that hard to get a host if you go through us. Vegas Party VIP will guarantee access to the hottest clubs and venues based on your occasion, budget, and music preference. Contact us now for our VIP hosting service for your next Las Vegas trip.

Tip #2: Ladies…. Fashion Is Important! Ladies, if you feel uncomfortable in your dress, more than likely you’ll look uncomfortable in your dress. So, don’t wear it. The same goes for feeling too thick. If you think it, you look it! Confidence is everything.

  • If the nightclub has a theme night… participate. Don’t feel like you’re too pretty to dress up or participate on a nightclub theme. If you don’t have the outfit, don’t go.
  • Relax on the makeup. Don’t overdo it. We can all tell when there’re layers of makeup on your face. It’s not a good look.
  • Drinks will or will not spill on you. Getting angry because you got your toe stepped on or someone accidentally spilled a drink on you does not make you look any better, or tougher. Typically, people are drunk while partying and don’t even realize they stumped your toe or sprinkled some alcohol on you while dancing. Fighting, yelling, and attitudes aren’t cute…… Accept it and move on.

Tip #4: Fellas… Fashion is important for you too, but more often than not, men are turned away before they even get inside the club.

  • Never wear basketball or tennis shoes
  • No shirts with designs or bling crystals (any shirt that has name brand visible)
  • No hats, unless it’s a theme night
  • Unless you are a millionaire and isn’t flaunting for attention, no diamonds… anywhere… on your body… unless you don’t mind getting them stolen.
  • NEVER wear sunglasses. More likely than not people will laugh at you

Tip #5: Proper etiquette for contacting a club’s host/promotor: First off, don’t call, just text. Introduce yourself and remember, every single weekend has something “good” going on… it is Vegas you know. Be more specific and ask about the DJ industry night, table minimum, celebrities, etc. And remember, a hosts’ main priorities are getting tables for groups of hot girls, not guest lists.

Tip # 6: The dreaded lines: There will be a line regardless of what club you’re trying to get into and it will look like it’s never ending. Unless you’re on the VIP list the line will typically be faster than general admission, but there will still be a line. Typically, you should expect to wait a good 20 to 40 minutes, and remember, the earlier you get there, the better. Showing up sometime between 10pm and 11pm is ideal. But If you’re on a guestlist show up no later than 10:45pm.

Tip #7: Just because you have a friend that knows someone that supposedly slept with someone who’s a club host doesn’t mean they can ‘hook you up’ for free anywhere. There are millions of people in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clubs do not care about who you know.

Tip #8: The Las Vegas nightlife is made up of three elements: Money, Party, & Respect.

Tip #9: What Happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. This means you cannot punch someone in the face, steal, do drugs, get married to someone you just met, commit violatons or any other felonies. Respecting the law and others is the same thing in Las Vegas as it is in any other city. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is only relevant in terms of having sexual relations or personal freedom and independence from regular spending habits.

Tip #10: Your cocktail waitress is not a stripper or a hooker. Treat her with some respect. In fact, you might get more discounts if you do.

Tip #11: Ladies, your beauty does not entitle you to anything. If you consider yourself a 10 in your hometown, subtract that by 2 when you land in Vegas, then subtract that by another 2 when you get to a nightclub. There’s plenty of beautiful women here in Vegas. Get over yourself.

Tip #12: Simply do not argue with or disrespect any type of police officer or security… you will LOSE!

Tip #13: Do not trust any random Las Vegas Blvd VIP card peddlers. Sometimes you might come across one or two to be reliable but getting a promotor that works for a venue will always work best. (In fact, check us out. We will get you the best VIP deals you can find!)

Tip #14: If you’re invited to a table and proceed to drinking the alcohol, stay off of your phone. You were invited to the table to dance, drink, party, and most importantly, socialize. An occasional text may be acceptable, but remember, it is rude to stay on your phone the whole night.

Tip #15: Most importantly, remember your Constitutional Rights and Federal Laws still apply. Just because you’re in another city does not mean you can act out. So, remember… respect goes a long way in this city. But balance that out with having fun, partying, enjoying yourself, and experiencing the Las Vegas nightlife.


So, there you have it. The Las Vegas Nightclub rules to live by for tourists! Come to Las Vegas and experience all that the nightlife has to offer. But remember, follow these guidelines and you will be sure to have the best night of your life.

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