How Do You Get Into Strip Clubs In Vegas?

How do you get into strip clubs in Vegas? That is the question.

If you’d like to know the answer, then you’re in luck. We have been getting people VIP access to the best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for years and can share what we’ve learned—best times to go, tipping advice, how to make the most of your visit, and more.

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Alternatively, you can check out the information below, as we have put together the most common and important steps for getting into strip clubs in Vegas.

Get Into Strip Clubs In Vegas

#1 Choose A Vegas Strip Club

There are numerous strip clubs to choose from in Las Vegas, and while many of them are good, there are only a few that stand out from among the crowd.

We recommend checking out the following strip clubs.

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse – If you want to relax in style, then Treasures is the place to be. Featured on E! Entertainment Television and Cinemax, this venue has tremendous flair and truly represents all things quintessentially Vegas.

Scores Las Vegas Gentleman’s Club – At over 24,000 square feet, this cozy, exotic venue has a tendency to bring in repeat customers…and for a good reason. Its atmosphere is second-to-none. No wonder why Howard Stern and other top-shelf celebrities have praised it for years.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – Las Vegas Strip Club – Hustler Club is a place where you can get your fill of sexy entertainment. The venue features Explicit dancing, stripper poles, and live shows that are sure to keep visitors entertained through the night!

Sophia’s Gentlemen’s Club – Did you know that Sophia’s was voted the Top Luxury Strip Club in Las Vegas? If you have not been here before, believe us when we say it certainly earns the title. This powerhouse venue packs a punch and has everything you could possibly need for a great night.

Diamond Cabaret – There’s a spot near you that is the go-to if you want to heat things up. This somewhat mysterious venue takes an under-the-radar approach and many people don’t know about it, but adult film stars frequent this place so we would suggest giving them a try.

#2 Get VIP Strip Club Access

You can get VIP access to Vegas strip clubs in two different ways.

The first way is looking at the venue’s website or calling the venue and seeing what they have on offer. This is the more complicated option since it takes time to find the best deals and packages.

The second way is to work with an experienced event promoter like Vegas Good Life and let us set up VIP access for you.

We can get you access to the hottest strip clubs in town for as low as $45. We can also provide limo service to and from your hotel.

 #3 Bring Cash 

We recommend getting cash before you arrive at the club since it is quite common for venues to charge a lot to withdraw cash from their ATMs.

We also recommend agreeing on a price with your entertainer before your performance starts so that you will not be surprised by what you end up paying.

Lap dances start at around $20 and can run as high as $1,000.

 #4 Know The Rules

Knowing the rules is essential when visiting an adult Vegas venue.

Venues usually have a dress code of some sort and have strict rules about touching the performers.

It is a smart move to call the venue and ask them about their rules. You can also call us directly, and we can walk you through the details.

#5 Don’t Forget To Tip

If you’re at a Las Vegas strip club, then tips are expected, even if you sit in the back, away from the stage.

The truth is, most strip club performers rely on tips. It’s quite rare that a performer will get paid to work a shift just because, as this privilege is reserved for well-known performers who have a lot of fans and can bring some clout to the venue.

Since the vast majority of female entertainers aren’t at that level, tipping is the number one way that you can show your support.

Be generous and tip often. This is pretty much the golden rule.

What Most People Don’t Know About Female Entertainers

Did you know that a fair number of dancers at strip clubs in Vegas are considered independent contractors who are required to pay out a cut of their daily earnings to the venue?

Yes, that’s right. Dancers don’t get to keep everything they make. In fact, their house fee can run as high as 5o% of their total earnings.

Independent contractors and house fees have been the source of controversy over the years, with some female entertainers even going as far as suing their establishments for fair treatment.

Entertainer Pay Structure

When it comes to pay structure for female entertainers, there are two main types.

1st type: The entertainer is an independent contractor with NO HOURLY PAY who pays a house fee and shares her tips with the rest of the venue staff.

2nd type: The entertainer is an independent contractor who receives hourly pay (usually minimum wage), pays a house fee, and shares her tips with the DJ, although she doesn’t necessarily have to share her tips with the rest of the staff.

With that said, there ARE other types of pay structures that are less common.

One example is a blended pay structure in which some of the dancers get paid an hourly wage in addition to tips, while the less experienced dancers do not receive an hourly wage.

Finally, there is a pay structure in which entertainers make an hourly wage plus tips AND do NOT have to pay a house fee or tip outs.

The Bottom Line When It Comes To Tipping

Let’s be honest. It can be hard to know what pay structure your entertainer is working under.

If she’s not receiving an hourly wage and is also paying out house fee and tips, she might have to make $200 per shift in tips just to break even.

As you can imagine, that makes her time extremely valuable. Every moment she’s on the dance floor is an opportunity for her to cover her expenses and walk away with more money than she came in with.

Time is money, as they say, so please be conscientious of when and how much you tip.

If you are particularly fond of a certain performer, giving her a substantial tip to show your appreciation will not only make her night but also help her pay the bills.

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We hope you’ve found the information above useful! If you still have questions, however, and would like to learn more about strip clubs in Vegas, keep reading!

Getting Limo Service

If you need a ride to your venue, you’ll be happy to know that most if not all of the strip clubs in Vegas offer complimentary limo service to and from The Strip.

To get a limo ride, all you need to do is contact us and schedule the date and time of your pickup. We’ll send you a driver!

WARNING: A lot of taxi drivers on The Strip pretend to be affiliated with venues in order to charge you high prices for a ride, so please only go with your driver once they’ve presented you with the information we give them—namely your name and cell phone number.

Also keep in mind that, while your ride is complimentary, you’ll still need to pay gratuity to your driver.

Are Strip Clubs In Vegas Full Nude Or Topless Only?

Most strip clubs in Vegas are topless.

Can You Touch Girls At Strip Clubs In Las Vegas?

No, you cannot.

Whether you pay a lot of money to a dancer onstage or receive a one-on-one lap dance in a VIP room, touching dancers is strictly off limits.  This is thanks to Nevada law.

Strip clubs in Vegas are obligated to abide by laws surrounding lap dances and will be able to explain to you what you are and are not allowed to do before your lap dance begins.

Some common sense things to avoid during your lap dance include asking your entertainer out, asking for her phone number, or being overly sexual.

Sexual requests of any kind are prohibited. Please don’t make them. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, so definitely DO NOT ask your dancer if you can pay for sex.

Lastly, please remember that entertainers are there to make a living, so please keep your behavior professional. Venue staff are pretty good at noticing when you are crossing the line from professional to personal and may ask you to leave if they see you violating certain rules.

Following the rules of the venue, as well as Nevada law, ensures that patrons and staff alike enjoy a safe and fun environment.

How Much Will You Spend In A Las Vegas Strip Club?

Strip clubs in Vegas cost money, so if you’re planning on visiting one, be prepared to drop some coin.

Expenses you can expect to pay include your cover charge, food, drinks, lap dances, and tips. As for your cover charge, it can be quite pricey and run as high as $50.

Overall, after your cover charge has been paid, you’ll be looking to spend $50 to $100 per hour.

You might be wondering how we got this amount exactly. Well, lap dances add up fast, as do drinks. Most people don’t realize how pricey drinks can be!

At Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse, for instance, beers run between $8 and $12, cocktails range between $15 and $20, while drink packages cost much more!

While one or two drinks won’t put too much of a dent in your budget, if you’re planning on getting four or five drinks per person and have a sizable party with you, your total cost will add up quickly….And we haven’t even mentioned bottle service, which is its own separate thing!

Besides Dancers, Who Else Should You Tip?

One thing we want to point out is that it’s good to tip the rest of the venue staff. Showing some love to your bartenders and even the security guards can go a long way in making you one of the venue’s top patrons.

Stage Seating Etiquette

A big unspoken rule when you’re sitting near the stage is to make the most of the space. And that means (as you’ve probably guessed) tipping regularly. Essentially, regular tips are a requirement if you’re enjoying the best real estate in the house.

Fortunately, you don’t need to empty out the bank to show your appreciation when you’re enjoying a close-up view of the stage. Small tips of $1 to $5 per song indicate that you support the entertainers and the venue as a whole.

Dress Codes At Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Different venues have different dress codes, but generally speaking, all strip clubs in Vegas have an upscale or business casual dress code.

Men preferably should wear a dress shirt, nice jeans or dress pants, and dress shoes.

Women preferably should wear something tasteful and upscale, as if they were attending a wedding party or a fancy dinner date.

Both genders should avoid wearing sweatpants, shorts, sportswear, hats, clothing that is ripped, dirty, or excessively baggy, clothing with offensive or obscene print, and gang-related paraphernalia.

Men and women should also avoid wearing open-toed shoes, sandals, and home shoes (Crocs, slippers, etc.)

But again, rules vary per venue, so give us a call, and we’ll give you some pointers about what your preferred venue accepts.

What Are The Dancers Like At Strip Clubs In Vegas?

You’ll find all sorts of women at strip clubs in Vegas.

We’ve personally come across dancers with master’s degrees, part-time dancers with professional careers in other fields, full-time performers, single moms—you name it.

Likewise, we’ve noticed a wide age range. We’ve come across performers ranging from 21 years old up to their mid-forties.

If there is one thing you can expect in this industry, it’s to find incredibly talented women with great personalities and strong business sense.

Most of the women who perform in this field are very entrepreneurial and aren’t here to settle for a low-paying hourly job. Dancers in the higher percentiles make a LOT more than minimum wage.

How Much Can You Drink?

While getting buzzed at a strip club is part of the fun, it’s also important to not get wasted.

One of the reasons why venues prefer that you keep your drinking to a reasonable level is that drinking too much inhibits judgement.

You might not be the kind of person to become belligerent or unruly while intoxicated, but the venue staff can’t always gauge who may or may not become hostile or start trying to touch the dancers once they’ve had too many drinks.

Another obvious reason to limit your drinking is that you might end up spending too much!

Are You Allowed To Record And Take Pictures Inside Strip Clubs In Vegas?

In almost every case, the answer is no, you are not allowed to record or take pictures while inside the venue.

If you’d like to record something or take a picture, please inquire with the staff before doing so.