Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Women – A Comprehensive Guide

Shows in Las Vegas are some of the most glittering and luxurious in the world. They include gorgeous and talented performers, fantastic staging, and a high-heat atmosphere. So let’s choose an excellent strip club for women in Las Vegas.


Chippendales is probably the most famous strip club for women in the world, so naturally, it’s a must-see when you visit any male strip shows in Las Vegas. It’s considered one of the most inclusive male strip shows, and its members invite guys on stage, so it’s not like a giant bachelorette party.

You can bring your girlfriends or male friends and have a good time. Performances take place every night at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, and you can get into the Voodoo Lounge after the show ends with your ticket on hand. Although this venue is not located on the Strip, it is a short cab ride from most of the best hotels on the Strip.

The men of Chippendales are among the sexiest in the business, and they enjoy interacting with the public and being incredibly talented dancers. In addition to pure sexiness, you can expect hip-hop-style dance moves and modern dances. The show offers plenty of refreshments, and you can also purchase VIP tickets to meet the dancers and sit in the “hot seat.”

Australian Heat strip club for women

This show prides itself on being “the most practical show in Vegas” and lives up to its name. The fine men of Aussie Heat love to be friends with the audience and ensure everyone feels the heat.

Among the most exciting aspects of this show is the lap dance contest, in which contestants are blindfolded and must use their other senses to identify their partner. The dancers are talented, attractive, and flirty.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the shows are held in the tight V Theater, where you can be close to the dancer, no matter where you sit. In addition, the ticket entitles you to attend an after-show party where you can meet the dancers. There’s also a photo shoot before the show, so you’ll have a great souvenir of your trip to Vegas.

Thunder From Down Under strip club for women

That’s another show full of sexy Australian men held at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Thunder From Down Under is an exceptionally sexy and outstanding performance.

Take advantage of the photo shoots after the show – these are not guys you’ll want to forget. This show also offers many promotional packages to choose from, and you can even create your promo if you attend with a group.

Be sure to shop in advance if you want a VIP experience – some packages give you more interactive interaction with the dancers and admission to some of L.A.’s most famous clubs after the show.

Magic Mike Live strip club for women

Everyone has a different taste, and this is a show worth watching if you like handsome black men. The dancers are very talented and make an effort to work the room. It is not the most risqué of strip shows, but it is energetic and fun.

For the best price, come with a group of friends and purchase a group package to get bottle service and access to the lounge, where you get a more intimate experience with dancers and even enjoy a flirty massage.


Strip shows in Las Vegas tend to be more focused on staging and quality dancing, unlike shows in other cities, which can be a little more intimate.

Most shows in Las Vegas sell out in advance, so be sure to buy your tickets early to avoid waiting in line or being uncomfortable watching standing up. Most shows also include nightclub admission or even after-party tickets to make the most of your evening.

Several strip clubs cater equally to both genders, and we’ll look at the best options and individual features here.

Most clubs with male and female dancers allow patrons who want to see both men and women move freely between each side of the room (like in Hustler Las Vegas).

Male-Female Desire Balance

Strip clubs can be fun for everyone involved if the event is planned in advance and has the right agenda in mind.

These clubs we’ve reviewed feature some of the hottest male-and-woman dancers in Las Vegas and the best facilities for student groups of guys and girls.

The following list can also be seen as outstanding “after party” and “after hours” strip clubs. This is a fantastic place to go when the central Las Vegas clubs close around 3 or 4 am, and the party must go on.

Most establishments have a kitchen or restaurant attached to the club if you want a bite to eat. The food is surprisingly good and usually inexpensive for most three-strip clubs’ dishes.

Best strip clubs for both men and women in Las Vegas

Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our favorites for 2022. So enjoy, and let us know how they went for you and your crew.

Peppermint Rhino (female dancers only)

While Spearmint Rhino only has women and no male dancers, this strip club is such a famous after-party that we had to give it an honorable mention. If the girls in your group agree with the idea of naked women in front of them, it might be the best choice for all of you.

There are always dancers who are very timid, fun, and welcoming to mixed groups of visitors. The Rhino also has many VIP and private rooms where you can accommodate several people for private dancing and entertaining several girls simultaneously.

Spearmint Rhino is among the most popular clubs in town and has been around for years. They frequently have specials designed for large groups but change pretty often. The group VIP rooms are top offerings for large parties: they are available at the half, three-hour, and hourly rates.

The girls here are notoriously fussy, so be prepared, but they are some of the hottest female strippers in Vegas, so they are often worth the big bucks.

Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire Las Vegas has a place for everyone. The place is huge (more than 70,000 square feet between Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club and Men of Sapphire) and has more than 100 dancers performing nightly (with 400 rotating employees).

Men of Sapphire is fashionably divided into a separate part of the strip club for women and has a room full of arena-style VIP tables to watch the shows. To see both dancers and dancers, you must come to Men of Sapphire’s 150-minute show from Thursday through Saturday from 10 pm to 12:30 pm.

The famous men’s revue show includes several numbers, choreographed routines, public lap dances, a bachelorette party, and more. You’ll find it much more interactive than the usual men’s revue at the Strip or one of the hotels.

This central party area has open VIP seating and an entire floor of booths where you can do a private dance or relax with your group.

And about the food: when you’re done partying, El Dorado Mexican Cantina (a trendy organic GMO-free Mexican restaurant in Vegas) is tied to Sapphire. That bonus is a great reason to end your night here at Sapphire Las Vegas.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (The Winner)

So why is Hustler Club the #1 strip club for women and men in Las Vegas?

Besides having simultaneous male and female shows four nights a week, this strip club offers three levels of VIP booths, private rooms, and even its rooftop nightclub.

We especially like the Hustler Las Vegas rooftop. It is a huge space, there is always some great music, and the staff is friendly and attentive, including bartenders and waitresses.

There is also the performing Kings of Hustler on the 3rd-floor rooftop.

To see the men and women at Hustler, you must come Thursday through Sunday from 8 pm to 2 am Kings of Hustler produces one of the best shows in the industry with a six-hour male revue that includes continuous performances, acrobatics, screaming, and special wishes.

The first and second floors of the Hustler strip club for women have several main stages dedicated to its club. It’s also home to the world’s largest stripper pole (two stories high), from which you’ll see the dancers get in on the action.

The main floor is the perfect place to reconnect with your group after completing individual classes at the student strip club. It’s a great place to drink, socialize and watch some of the hottest strippers in Las Vegas do their thing.

If you’re feeling adventurous and have some money to get together, we recommend checking out one of the 16 Hustler Honey suites on the second floor. These private rooms offer an intimate experience for a small group of guys and girls with one or more dancers.

Hustler dancers and dancers are known for being some of the friendliest, most attractive, and most willing artists in the industry. Give them a good tip, and they will gladly take your girlfriend or boyfriend out on stage for a “special” public performance.

Overall, you can expect a casual and relaxed atmosphere if you plan to come to Hustler Las Vegas for a group after-party. The Hustler Club is popular with locals and tourists and offers best-in-class female and male performers, bartenders, and staff.